Are you ever silent when you want to speak? Do you wish you could express yourself more confidently and authentically? Feel like you’re playing life safe but you have so much more to offer? Many of us are constantly comparing and doubting ourselves. We measure our self-worth based on likes and followers and regularly seek affirmation from others to make us feel good. We are more anxious, insecure and overwhelmed than ever.

This podcast is here to help you become the best version of yourself. The Empowerhouse is a place that encourages self worth and self belief. A place that inspires you to take charge or your life, love who you are and find peace inside. Free yourself of approval addiction. Stop caring so much about what other people think and start prioritising YOU. Join me and special guests as we come together to uplift, motivate and strengthen one another. Hear from those who are powerhouses in their realm, are living authentically and achieving their goals. These shared stories and interviews will get you stepping into your power. Find out what serves you, grows you and makes you happy. Know your worth. Rule your realm. Become your own powerhouse.

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